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About Us

Car Audio One is a family-owned - father and son - and operated small business. As a small business, with no overhead, we are able to beat every big named shop in the valley.

We have over 12 years of combined knowledge in this industry. When it comes to sounds systems, Car Audio One has the experience to ensure your system sounds good. We have built full bass competition cars ranging from a 143.7 db in the trunk class to a 154.7 db car in m3 class. To some, that may sound like gibberish but others will understand. We like our bass.

If you are looking for honest and reliable car audio and system installers, you've come to the right place. Give us a call today!


  • 01
    Decks (Radios)
    Factory Integration Parts
    Single Dins
    Double Dins
    Single Din Flip-Outs
    Bluetooth Microphones, Navigation Units
    Satellite Radio, USB, Auxillary Cord, and More
    Any Size
    Factory Location Replacement
    Custom Speaker Locations
    Custom Speaker Door Cut Ins
    Custom Tweeter Locations
  • 03
    Bass amp (Strictly for Subs)
    2 Channel Amp (Subs or Speakers)
    4 Channel Amp (Strictly for Speakers)
    5 Channel amp (Used for Both Subs and Speakers)
    Subwoofer Boxes
    Custom Wood Boxes (Ported or Sealed)
    Custom Fiberglass Boxes (Ported or Sealed)
    Blow thru (Truck only)
    Goes through back wall of truck and box extends into bed of truck.
    This can be made to be waterproof but should be covered.
  • 05
    Video Systems
    Dropdown All in One Players
    Dropdown Screens
    Drop in Headrest Replacements (DVD player separate or included)
    Headrest Cut in Screens (Dvd player separate or included)
    Custom Screen Locations
    IR Headset (Headphones)
    Gaming Systems (Xbox, Ps3, Etc.)
    Basic Alarms
    Remote Start
    Proximity Keys
    Back-up Cameras
    Any and All Make and Models



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