Tricia Peña, Ed.D

  Climate and Culture in Schools Consultant
  Speaker and Strategist
  29 Years in Education Field


Every connection has the power to transform relationships, perceptions and interactions. This simple truth is alive and well in top performing schools across the country. You see, their success lies in the recognition of one simple fact: “If you have the right climate and culture, achievement will follow.”

Sadly, internal and external conflicts can hold schools back. Administrators often deal with feelings of being caught in the middle and misunderstood by staff. Meanwhile, teachers hold tightly to concerns around leadership being out of touch with what happens day-to-day.

With these perceptions influencing relationships and interactions, it’s easy to see how your desired state can seem out of reach. Without the right tools you can feel overwhelmed and powerless.

For these reasons, I’m on a mission to help schools reduce conflict, increase productivity and improve relationships. My 29 years of experience as a principal, teacher and university professor has prepared me to serve schools nationally. It’s given me a heart for changing climate and culture in schools across the country. The genesis of ECHO 360.

At ECHO 360, we’re helping schools create solutions to:

• gain insights around the current state and hidden barriers
• create a shared vision
• give everyone a voice: administrators, faculty, parents and students
• develop standards for accountability and measuring growth
• put actionable plans in place involving administrators, faculty, parents and students
• make the most of the SAFE school grant money and other funding sources
• gain buy-in about behavioral expectations and thrive using PBIS

It all starts with the right conversations and scaleable assessments. It’s the catalyst for helping schools develop vital tools and skill-sets. When combined with hands-on training and consulting for every member, schools quickly get on the path to higher achievement.

The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught,
as that every child should be given the wish to learn.

John Lubbock

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