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Climate and Culture

A popular topic in schools across the country.

For many, just getting a handle on the scope and breadth of this topic is daunting. Let alone determining the best approach to bring everyone up-to-speed.

That’s why, ECHO 360 Education offers custom workshops and seminars designed for:

  • Principals

  • Lead School Staff

  • District Administrators

But make no mistake. The intent of these workshops is not a pep rally or motivational speech. Every item on the agenda is directly tied to hallmarks of excelling schools:

  • Communication

  • Engagement

  • Accountability and achievement.

  • Achievement

See for yourself what makes our workshops so special. For starters, you’ll increase your knowledge around elements such as:

  • The difference between climate and culture

  • Identifying the culture of your school

  • Identifying the climate of your school

  • Defining PBIS/MTSS and the purpose of PBIS/MTSS in schools

  • Current research on climate and culture in schools

  • Reviewing the mission and vision of the school

  • Aligning climate and culture to the mission and vision to the school

  • Identifying the audiences influenced by climate and culture

  • Measuring climate and culture in your school

  • Using the data from a climate and culture assessment

  • Discovering solutions

  • Identifying the traditions of the school

  • Developing a plan to influence and sustain a positive school climate and culture

  • Implementing a climate and culture pre- and post-assessments

  • Using annual data to monitor and adjust climate and culture plan

  • Creating staff teams, calendar, activities, traditions

  • Next steps

Still wondering if a private workshop is right for you? Consider this for a moment.

All of our workshops are designed to do more than educate. Each workshop is carefully planned to allow for the exchange of ideas and answers to your top questions.

You’ll even get answers around top considerations for your school. These considerations include topics such as: correlating academic achievement with climate and culture, allocating budgets, and ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for staff and students.

Here’s the best part. You’ll walk away with tools and techniques you can implement right away. Imagine being one step closer to creating positive change in your school. Call 520 437-4012 or email us today to plan your customized workshop.



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