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Let’s face it. Getting information about what’s going-on in your child’s life at school isn’t always easy. Kids look at things through a different lens. Their answers can be vague, cryptic or painfully short. What’s a parent to do?

Parents like you are interested in what happens at school. You want to know about more than fundraisers or volunteer opportunities. You’re interested in the day-to-day activities that impact your child’s ability to succeed and thrive.

At E.C.H.O. 360 Education, we’re helping teachers and parents just like you. We’re opening-up dialogue, answering questions, and educating around critical topics such as:

  • The difference between climate and culture

  • Identifying the culture of your school

  • Identifying the climate of your school

  • Defining PBIS and the purpose of PBIS in schools

  • Defining MTSS and the purpose of MTSS in schools

  • Disciplinary Referrals and their impact

  • Current research on climate and culture in schools

  • How to create a “parent voice” forum at your school

  • Creating powerful and impactful parent teams

  • School activities and traditions

And that’s just the beginning.

Engaging Your Child

Entering Conversations With An Open Heart and Mind.

Understanding what makes your school succeed is only the beginning. As a parent, you must learn how to enter conversations with an open heart and mind. Conversations are as much about discovery as they are imparting knowledge or wisdom.

It’s why at E.C.H.O. 360 Education we’re equipping parents and teachers with the right tools for every conversation. With our help, you’ll be able to successfully navigate even the toughest topics.

Discover how E.C.H.O. 360 Education is helping parents and faculty engage students on their level and their terms. And the best part is, we’re doing it around topics everyone cares about, including your child.

  • social media: the benefits, the risks and safe navigation

  • service projects: school and community pride

  • clubs and student service projects

  • scholarships

  • student recognition programs

  • peer pressure: culture and other social influences

  • drugs/drinking

  • safety: bullying, driving, technology

  • sports and extra-curricular activities

  • celebrations: pep assemblies, academics/honors, prom, graduation

  • character education and supportive strategies

  • goal setting, career planning and scholarships

Ready to talk to your child about what’s on their mind? Now’s the time to help them put a successful plan in place. We will partner with you in your school parent organizations. E.C.H.O. 360 Education can help.



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