Gain valuable insights around your current situation and hidden barriers.

Hands On
Outcomes Driven
Full Circle 360

Transform Your School’s Climate and Culture

Hands-on Training and Consulting for Every Member

ECHO 360 Education offers hands-on training and consulting for every member of your school. Parents, staff, students and administrators are all key to changing climate and culture. Each connection represents the opportunity for collaboration, partnership and increased resources. The truth is, every connection has opportunity.

That’s why at ECHO 360 Education, our approach is comprised of four key components:

  • Educate: Gain valuable insights around your current situation and hidden barriers

  • Collaborate: Through a gap assessment, create solutions for bridging critical gaps

  • Hands-On: Effectively model or demonstrate critical techniques and practices

  • Outcomes driven: Collect and use data for establishing benchmarks and accountability

  • 360—full circle: The follow up cycle is needed for continuous improvement and growth

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Reduce Conflict. Increase Productivity. Improve Relationships.

At ECHO 360 Education, we know when schools have the right climate and culture achievement follows. That’s why, ECHO 360 Education guides you every step of the way. You can count on us to help you acquire valuable resources, gain commitment, implement programs and monitor progress. With our help you can transform the climate and culture of your school.

Here’s what you do. Put a solid plan in place. One designed to provide answers to the toughest questions. It’s your chance to:

  • gain valuable insights around your current situation and hidden barriers.

  • create a shared vision

  • give everyone a voice: administrators, faculty, parents, students

  • develop standards for accountability and measuring growth

  • put actionable plans in place involving administrators, faculty, parents and students

  • discover how to make the most of SAFE school grant money and other funding sources

“If you have the right climate and culture, achievement will follow.”

Here’s the thing. Teacher burnout, absenteeism, bullying and vandalism are all reasons or concern. That said, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You may even feel alone in your struggle.

If this is you, you’re not alone. This feeling is common in many top-down organizations. Administrators often feel caught in the middle and misunderstood by staff. Teachers and staff can quickly feel those in leadership positions are out-of-touch with what happens day-to-day within the schools.

So, if you’ve ever wished there was someone who could play the “heavy” and help you navigate the troubled waters, you’re not alone.

But here’s the good news. ECHO 360 Education is here to take-on that very role. We’ll help you navigate some of the roughest waters in changing climate and culture. It all begins with the right conversations and scalable assessments.

ECHO 360 Education offers you the keys to creating effective and sustainable plans for all levels of your organization, from administrators to the parents and the students themselves. Call us today. We’ll help you get on the path to higher achievement.

“To get to the heart of the matter, you have to give everyone a voice.”

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