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What is the difference between climate and culture?

One of my favorite authors and presenters, Todd Whitaker, co-authored the best read on culture and climate, Culture Rewired: How to Define, Assess, and Transform It (ASCD, 2015).Gruenert and Whitaker (2015) define climate as “How we feel around here” and culture as “What we do around here” a simple differentiation.

How does behavior correlate to climate and culture?

The culture of a school is delineated by acceptable behaviors, expectations, and traditions. Climate is the feeling tone of the environment. When a high number of behavioral incidences occur, the feeling tone may feel unsafe and not a nurturing, caring, environment for students and staff. Drilling down the reasons for unacceptable behaviors, identify specific trends that influence the feeling tone and provide a gap assessment to make an impact on school culture.

What data is used to influence or sustain climate and culture?

Behavioral data can be attained to quantify climate and culture. One way office disciplinary referrals (ODRs) can be quantified is through the SWIS Suite at PBISApps.orgBehavioral data can be tracked, analyzed and presented in a graphic form to indicate areas needing to be addressed in order to develop interventions and supports needed to influence theclimate of a school and creating a culture of caring and connectedness.


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