The follow up cycle is needed for continuous improvement and growth.

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Evaluation and Follow-Up

The Guidance You Need to Achieve

Progress. It’s what you work hard to achieve. Knowing how you’re doing at various stages of implementation allows for the opportunity to celebrate successes.

At ECHO 360 Education, evaluation and follow-up sessions help you find the balance between perceptions and facts. While data may not always tell the whole story. It’s a good place to start. The reality is, your school’s success cannot and should not rely on gut feelings or perceptions.

It’s why the need for proper evaluation and follow-up is so important.

So, get ready to take another important step in creating a better climate and culture. Here it is.

Evaluation: Valuable Insights Ahead

You know, passing key milestones can motivate and inspire. Not only that, you recognize how catching mis-steps or over-sights can reduce stress and help everyone get back on track.

Take a look at the valuable insights you can employ through proper evaluation. Imagine the positive outcomes of being able to properly identify:

  • the “level” of school culture and climate

  • staff’s commitment to students and parents

  • leadership’s commitment to staff, students and parents

  • commitment to academic achievement

  • recognition practices

  • school values

The Power of Follow-up

Looking for ways to enhance communication, commitment and accountability? You’re not alone. And if you’ve been around the block a few times, you know follow-up is essential to progress. This is true when supporting any initiative.

Let’s face it. There’s nothing like saving time and resources. It’s the power of catching potential problems early. But here’s the thing. It all starts with honest and open conversations around positives and what to build on.

The best part is, follow-up can help you set the cornerstones to better culture and climate. Communication. Commitment. Accountability. Three good reasons to implement follow-up sessions to any initiative.

At ECHO 360 Education, we understand these cornerstones can determine the position of your entire program. Each will play a critical role in achieving the climate and culture you desire for your school. That’s why, our follow-up sessions are structured to facilitate positive outcomes in areas such as:

  • Gaining commitment at all levels

  • Putting accountability in place and developing corresponding action plans

  • Courageous and honest communications

  • Presenting data and recognizing strengths of the school

  • Leveraging weaknesses of the school

  • Creating plans to recognize students and staff

  • Reviewing academic achievement support practices

  • Developing forums for student, staff, and parent “voice”

  • Formulating post-assessments to measure growth

  • v
  • Strategies to encourage the right behaviors

Think about this for a moment. Every follow-up session is pivotal to success. It’s your opportunity to make mid-course corrections and celebrate successes.

It’s the perfect opportunity to notice and share the smallest of changes. It’s a time to take note of a safer, more nurturing environment emerging.

Imagine it all giving way to a stronger sense of belonging. And to top things off, picture achievement being higher than it’s ever been.

It’s amazing what can happen when everyone has a voice.

Teachers feel empowered. Parents become allies. Community support grows.

Now’s the time for courageous conversations. Let us help you facilitate a follow-up discussion like no other. Your school will never be the same.

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