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The Road to Transformation.

Scalable Assessments Point the Way.

The road ahead. It's exciting and full of hope and promise. But it can also be full of unexpected twists and turns. You know this. What seems simple is never easy. No school is exempt from this challenge. This is especially true when it comes to transforming climate and culture.

From budgets and resources to commitment levels and skill sets, there's plenty of contributing factors. It's why where to start or how to begin can seem daunting.

That’s why, ECHO 360 Education is here to help.  Our scalable assessments take the guesswork out of planning. What's more, you gain valuable baseline data for the development of staff, processes or programs. Imagine being able to:

  • gain honest input from stakeholders: students, parents, staff, leaders

  • reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your school

  • correctly identify school values

  • determine safe, nurturing environment practices

  • attain an accurate measure of climate and culture

  • objectively evaluate staff and student recognition practices

Think about it. You’ll finally be able to take control over your greatest barriers to success.

With our help, you’ll be on your way to leveraging your strengths. Better yet, you'll know where to invest your time and resources. And that's just the beginning.

Roadmaps to Success

Gain Commitment. Implement Programs. Monitor Progress.

Your roadmap to success begins here. The findings from our scalable assessments will help be pivotal in helping you pave the road ahead. Your baseline data will be instrumental in creating plans to develop your staff, processes and key programs.

At ECHO 360 Education, scaleable assessments are designed to be your compass. It's a powerful tool for establishing the right approaches, timelines and metrics.

Think about it.  With the right direction and approach, you can:

  • appropriately monitor and evaluate your school’s climate

  • illustrate how climate influences a sense of belonging and student success

  • understand the current culture of your school and how to improve it

  • stay the course for positive change, even during challenging times

  • offer the training and tools to develop new skills among teachers and staff

  • create buy­in from students and teachers

  • gain commitment from parents

  • identify and address on­going needs

  • develop and implement effective communication systems across all levels

  • ensure rules are properly expressed, understood and enforced

  • determine the right approach for solving school problems

  • improve how students, staff, and community interact

If you're an administrator or principal, your faculty and staff look to you for guidance, inspiration and support. Even parents of students are counting on you to lead the way. They’re trusting their child’s teacher has the support and guidance needed to help their child succeed.

The pressures to perform well, go beyond the administrative building or school walls. They continue in the homes of your surrounding communities. It’s a lot to take on and can quickly make you feel alone on an island.

But the good news is you’re not alone. You can feel confident in knowing on­going support is available. With our help, you'll have the tools and resources you need to gain commitment at all levels, implement programs and monitor progress.

It's the perfect way to guide and support everyone who’s counting on you.

With ECHO 360 Education, being a leader just got a whole lot easier. Here's how.

Presentation and Modeling of Solutions

The right practices begin with the right behaviors.  For some, applying new skills will come easily, intuitively. But for others, it will take some practice.

That's why at ECHO 360 Education, our modeling and mentoring programs are built right in. We know the opportunity to practice new skills and gain feedback is invaluable.

You see, with our programs you can have someone present and model new programs or skills. Even better, our mentorship programs allow for the exchange of ideas and questions.

We think you’ll agree. It’s a great way to accelerate your success.  Imagine what mentorship and modeling could do for you in areas such as:

  • capitalizing on school strengths

  • encouraging the right behaviors and academic achievement

  • developing forums for student, staff, and parent “voice”

  • creating campus visuals of student and staff recognition, culture and climate practices

  • gaining buy­in around campus behavioral expectations

  • identifying and promoting beneficial school practices and traditions

  • developing climate and culture teams

  • foormulating climate and culture practices

Frankly, our modeling and mentoring programs are unparalleled. We’re proud to say, they offer an experience stand­alone workbooks or hand­outs simply can’t offer.

Imagine your school finally being able to make the shift from conceptual to application.  Imagine a better culture and climate emerging.

You can achieve it with the right tools and skills.  Our modeling and mentoring programs help make it all possible. Ready to get started?

Call (520) 437-4012 or email us for a complimentary consultation. 

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